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General conditions and rules General conditions and rules

General conditions and rules

1.Svatbenipokani.eu is a specialized online store for wedding invitations. Every customer can order the desired wedding invitations after he/she has registered in the website. After the registration the customer will receive an individual user name and password for using the website.

1.1. As each job is printed on a to-order basis, 50% of the payment is required before work can commence on your job.

1.2. All visitors of the website are customers, regardless of the aim of the visit.

1.3. The subject to sale is any ware that is alleged to be bought by a client.

1.4. As all stationery is printed digitally it is possible that subtle colour variations can occur between each piece. This is not a fault of the design but a natural effect of the printing process. There can also be a colour variation between stock types because of the way the ink sits on the satin stock (which is smoth) compared to the shimmer stock (which is textured). Therefore designs printed on shimmer can have a variation in colour and look compared to those printed on satin deluxe.

Stationery can not be refunded or returned because of normal printing effects. We take pride in the quality of our work and assure you that all of our stationery is printed to the highest professional standards.

1.5. The alleged order for purchase is considered exclusive consent of a customer regarding the quality and appearance of the ware.

1.6. All presented data are protected by implication of the law; these will be used only for the fast processing of your order and timely delivery.


2.1. A customer is any visitor to the website and the Internet store, regardless of whether one is either a client or a partner of our products.

2.2. The products are all the wares presented in the website, through brochures or other media, for buying by customers.

2.3. An order is the individual request of our clients for the purchase of the wares presented in our website, brochures or other media, after the confirmation of the client.

2.4. The services are any activities undertaken by svatbenipokani.eu in case of the presentation, purchase and delivery of products through the website, brochures or other media.

Prices and the terms of payment

3.1. The prices provided in the website are in Levs and are individual for each product.

3.2. The prices include VAT.

3.3. The prices in the website do not include delivery.

3.4. The prices are valid until the depletion of the availability of a given product.

3.5. Svatbenipokani.eu preserves the right to the change of prices in case of the receipt of new price lists, without being obliged to notify its customers in advance as well as to correct the technical parameters of the wares and vision in the website.

3.6. The order made by a client is paid in the moment of delivery after the provision of a payment document by a courier at the address.


Any client who receives a ware delivered by svatbenipokani.eu with a courier can return the product on the conditions as follows:

4.1. A discrepancy between the ordered and delivered ware is found.

4.2. It is found that the ware is not damaged by the client and is in the state in which it was delivered, without being neither unpacked nor used.

4.3. The client can return a product within 7 (seven) days of the receipt of the ware according to the Article 55, Paragraph 1 of the Law for the Protection of Customers (LPC) on the condition that it is in the state in which it was received. The exceptions to this rule are these that are regulated in LPC.

The rights and obligations of the customer

5.1. The customer has the right to examine the website, to make individual orders for the purchase of wares from the Internet store and to receive an ordered product in the described conditions and order.

5.2. The customer has the right to receive information about the state of his/her order.

5.3. The customer has the right of the delivery of the alleged order as he/she pays the sale price that is announced in the website plus the delivery price.

5.4. The customer pays the delivery price according to the way defined in the Articles 3.1. and 3.6

5.5. The customers of the website do not have the right to spread, change (edit), copy (except for non-commercial, personal aims), transfer, expose, reproduce, replicate, publish, create secondary materials, devolve, sell or to use the content of the website in any other way without the explicit written permission of svatbenipokani.eu.

5.6. Any customer of the website is obliged not to violate and to respect the rights of the citizens according to the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, to follow Internet etiquette in case of the use and visit of the website and the services provided by svatbenipokani.eu

5.7. The customers of the website do not have the right to violate someone else’s property and non-property, directly or indirectly, absolute or relative rights and interests including the right of property.

5.8. The customer of the website has the right to inform svatbenipokani.eu and the respective authorities about any occurring and observed violations in the usage and the delivery of services in this website.

The rights and obligations of Svatbenipokani.eu

6.1. Svatbenipokani.eu does not have the right and the objective ability and does not control the way in which the Customers use the provided Services.

6.2. Svatbenipokani.eu has the right, but not the obligation, to keep the materials and information that are used/ placed on the website of Svatbenipokani.eu or that are made available to third parties by a Customer, and to make them available to third parties and the corresponding governmental bodies when this is necessary for the protection of the rights and legal interests, the property and security of Svatbenipokani.eu as well as to third parties in case of actions brought in regard to the violation of their own rights concerning the used or disseminated materials or information as well as in case the materials or information are required by the governmental bodies by the authority of an explicit law regulation.

6.3. Svatbenipokani.eu has the right any time, without the notification of a Customer, if he/she uses the Services contrary to the present conditions as well as by the estimate of svatbenipokani.eu, to stop, cease and change the provided Services. Svatbenipokani.eu is not responsible to the Customers and third parties due to the suffered harms and missed benefits that are a result of the discontinuation, change or cessation of used Services, the deletion, modification, loss, invalidation, inaccuracy or incompleteness of the messages, materials or information that are transferred, used, recorded or made available through “svatbenipokani.eu

6.4. Svatbenipokani.eu can provide the publication in the subject entries of the store for the hyperlinks to other Internet websites and resources. Svatbenipokani.eu is not responsible for the suffered harms and missed benefits that proceed from the use, access or reliability of these materials and content. The customer is completely responsible for any harm caused to svatbenipokani.eu and third parties because of the use or access to these Internet websites and resources.

6.5. Svatbenipokani.eu is not responsible for the harms that are caused on a software, hardware or telecommunications, or for the data loss that proceed from the materials or resources that are searched, loaded or used in any way through the provided Services. The advices, consultations or help that are rendered by the specialists and officers of Svatbenipokani.eu in regard to the use of Services by Customers does not generate any responsibility or obligation for Svatbenipokani.eu

6.6. The customer must compensate Svatbenipokani.eu and all third parties for any suffered harm and missed benefit, including any cost and paid lawyer fee, that proceed from actions brought and/or the compensations paid to third parties in regard to the Internet websites, hyperlinks, materials or information that the Customer used, placed on the server of Svatbenipokani.eu ,sent, disseminated, made available to third parties or made available through Svatbenipokani.eu contrary to the law, the present General Conditions, morals or Internet ethics.

6.7. Svatbenipokani.eu has the right to collect and use information about its Customers for the purposes of the General Conditions.

6.8. Svatbenipokani.eu guarantees its Customers the confidentiality of the provided information and personal data. These will not be used, provided or brought to the knowledge of third parties outside the cases and conditions that are described in the present General Conditions.

Other Conditions

7.1. The General Conditions can be changed any time by Svatbenipokani.eu as it is not obliged to inform the Customer for the changes in the General Conditions publishing a message for the changes as well as the same changes for the introduction to them in the Website.

7.2. The Customer is considered to be bound by the changes from the moment of their publication except he/she claims that he/she does not accept them. In case the Customer states explicitly that he/she does not agree with the changes, Svatbenipokani.eu has the right immediately to stop or discontinue the provision of Services for the Customer as the obligations that occurred until this moment are to be accomplished.

7.3. In force majeure events, the possibility of the accomplishment of the General Conditions is impaired by the law.


Except where otherwise expressly indicated, all notifications related to the provision of Services by the Website are performed on the telephones/ contact addresses that are published to the fore in the Website and the declared telephones/ contact addresses of the Customer, respectively. The notifications made in this way are considered to be properly received until the opposite is proved.

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